Junto 2021 Schedule

Midwest Junto for the History of Science 

2021 Meeting Program

April 24, 2021

(Last updated April 14, 2021. Please click here for a PDF version of this schedule.)

Zoom Links: Each session will have a separate Zoom webinar registration link. Please click on the session title to open the registration link for that particular session; once registered for a session, you will receive a link for joining that session as a non-speaking attendee. These sessions will be open for Q & A. Speakers and chairs will receive separate links through email. The Junto Business Meeting is an open Zoom meeting, so that people can participate
more freely. Note that the schedule is in Central Time!

Note to Speakers: Please be there five minutes before your session to meet with your session chair and have your slides ready to share. Please don’t go over time!

Note to Session Chairs: Please be there five minutes before your session to meet with the session speakers and ensure slide sharing works. Please be ruthless in enforcing time limits!

Registration: Here is the link to the Junto 2021 Virtual Registration. Since the Junto will be held entirely on Zoom, registration fees have been waived for this year (usually $ 5, which includes Junto membership). Scholars who wish to make donations to support historians of science throughout the Midwest can do so by check or PayPal. Checks should be made out to “Midwest Junto” and sent by mail to: Kathleen Sheppard, 136-B, HSS Bldg, 500 W. 14th St., Rolla, MO 65409. PayPal registrants should send donations to midwestjunto@gmail.com. If you take advantage of this option, please include an additional $3 to cover PayPal’s transaction fees.

Please note that you will also need to sign up for each session by clicking on the corresponding Zoom link on the schedule below.

Time Zone Reminder: All times listed below are in Central Time (i.e. UTC-5)

Session 1: Welcome; History of Science in Higher Education (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Benjamin Gross, Linda Hall Library)

8:45-9:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks

Benjamin Gross (Linda Hall Library and Junto President)

9:00-9:20 am “New Species”: Early Women of Science at Indiana University

Sarah Reynolds (University of Indianapolis and Indiana University)

9:20-9:40 am Cattell’s Catholics: Who were these American Men (and Women) of Science?

Dana A. Freiburger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

9:40-10:00 am Agricultural Psychology: The Evolution of a Discipline at a Land Grant Institution, 1858-1933

Edie Hunter (Iowa State University)

10:00-10:15 am: Break

Session 2: History of Medicine (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Kathleen Sheppard, Missouri University of Science and Technology)

10:15-10:35 am “And the Vapours at that time belcht forth from the Earth into the Air”: Geology and Illness in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic

Alyssa Peterson (University of Texas at Austin)

10:35-10:55 am A Forgotten Epidemic?: Goiter and Gender in Early America

Sarah E. Naramore (Northwest Missouri State University)

10:55-11:15 am Creating Vulnerable Populations: Medical Experimentation on Pregnant Women and Infants in 1930s America

Emma Wathen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

11:15-11:30 am: Break

Session 3: History of Biology and Medicine (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Sarah Naramore, Northwest Missouri State University)

11:30-11:50 am Species Transformation and Social Change: The Role of the Will in Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s Transformist Theory

Camille Testa (University of Oklahoma)

11:50 am-12:10 pm Statistics, Syphilis, and Staining: The Convoluted Prelude to Koch’s ‘Postulates’

Elana Rakoff (Indiana University)

12:10-12:30 pm The Pasteurization of Endocrinology? Glands, Microbes and Filters in Late-Nineteenth-Century France

Patrick Walsh (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

12:30-1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00-1:30 pm: Junto Business Meeting (Session registration/Zoom link)

Session 4: Scientific Biography (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Peter Ramberg, Truman State University)

1:30-1:50 pm The Mother of Chemistry

Liz Kambas (Indiana University-Bloomington)

1:50-2:10 pm The Assassination of Louisa Tyndall by her Husband John Tyndall

Kathleen Sheppard (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

2:10-2:30 pm The “Strange Career” of the Billig Brothers, Celebrity Ratcatchers to New York City and the World

Peter Soppelsa (University of Oklahoma)

2:35-2:45 pm: Break

Session 5: And Now for Something Completely Different (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Amy Bix, Iowa State University)

2:45-3:05 pm Of “Kittens” and Conspiracy: The Case of the “First” Retractable Chassis

Sean Seyer (University of Kansas)

3:05-3:25 pm How Good was the Bayesian Response to Hume

Travis Tanner (University of Virginia) and Jonathan Livengood (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

3:25 pm-3:45 pm: Break

Session 6: History of Technology (Session registration/Zoom link)

Chair: (Nathan Kapoor, Grand Valley State University)

3:45-4:05 pm “Never so warm again”, A cultural history of the end of steam

Jeff Schramm (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

4:05-4:25 pm “A High-Voltage Look at Modern Life”: RCA, Cartoons, and Cold War Technology

Benjamin Gross (Linda Hall Library)

4:25-4:45 pm “Glorious Winter Day” in Baddeck: An Envirotechnical History of Canada’s First Flight

Blair Stein (Clarkson University)

4:45 pm-6:00 pm: Mingle as you see fit!

6:00-7:00 pm: Stuart Pierson Memorial Lecture (Session registration/Zoom link)

Forces of Nature: The Women Who Changed Science

Leila McNeill and Anna Reser (Founders and Editors-in-Chief of Lady Science)