Stuart Pierson Fund

Stuart PiersonThe Midwest Junto for the History of Science has inaugurated the Stuart Pierson Memorial Fund to remember one of its most loyal members. Regardless of distance, Stuart dutifully traveled to the Junto meeting from his home in Newfoundland, for over twenty years. He served as Junto President in 1998. Stuart distinguished himself to generations of Junto members by his enthusiastic presentation of papers characterized by great fun and greater insight. His talks frequently presented an unusual perspective on a well-developed theme, pursued an original idea or concept, and were always creative and entertaining.
Stuart Ogden Pierson Stuart Ogden Pierson received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1969, and then joined the History Department faculty at Memorial University in St. Johns, Newfoundland. For thirty years (1969-1999) at Memorial University, Stuart taught history of science, history of technology, history of film, and intellectual history seminars. He was especially proud of his course on the Scientific Revolution and was particularly interested in Newton, chemistry, French science, and historiography. Stuart was also involved with the university’s interdisciplinary M. Phil. Program in Humanities. Stuart’s life and work reflected his notable breadth and depth of his knowledge; he loved literature and used literary quotations liberally in his talks. Stuart’s writing was precise and intellectually stimulating, filled with imagery, analogy, and original and insightful juxtaposition of ideas and allusions.

In the spirit of Stuart’s Junto presentations, The Stuart Pierson Fund for the Midwest Junto will be used to support a keynote presentation that promotes creative and original participation at the annual meetings. The keynote presentation will generally be a lecture delivered during a program session, but it may also be an address at the annual banquet, or on occasion a special presentation particularly relevant to the history of science and taking advantage of some special talent or opportunity available at the host site, such as the performance of a play. The program chair for each meeting, in consultation with the President of the Midwest Junto, will choose the Pierson presentation.

Long-time Junto members Alan Shapiro, Joe Burchfield, Marjorie Malley, Bruce Bradley, and David Wilson have organized this initiative, and they have already pledged $2,700 to the Pierson Fund. However, more donations are needed to sustain the Fund over any length of time, and we welcome your contribution. Checks can be sent to the Stuart Pierson Fund, Linda Hall Library, 5109 Cherry St., Kansas City, MO 64110-2498. Please make checks payable to: Linda Hall Library, Stuart Pierson Fund. All contributions are tax-deductible, and we welcome donations in any amount.


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